Journey of Life is Not Perfect

Journey of Life is Not Perfect

Film gives an ideal life in everything. Like a mirror, film reflect an ideal action to be a life example. What it is not, in film we see the real of life the ideal. In a film, an actor and actres is like a perfect human who has no big problem when she or he can overcome every challange in her or his life with lightweight thing. Every thing looks like easy real that make them can solve any kind of problmes.

Unfortunetly, a story is not a life. An ideal story is not an ideal life. If an actor gives some inspiration on how everything can be handled, in a real life they cannot be an “ideal actor or actress” to face some complicated of their life burdens. We can see story of Tom Cruise dan Katie Holmes lives, and a long time before them, the same story of them, is a real life of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Tom is some hereoic actors in most of his films, Katie is a perfect womens and actress that expresses her inner beauty in most her performances. We do not know exactly the real problems they got before, but public got unbelievable fact seeing that their family relationship was broken.

Based on a role of an actor and actress life, we should believe that journey of life is not perfect. Life is not story of a beloved film that make we see a starting to ending a story we hope. As an outsider, we can not involve into a dream setting or character. We, as a viewer, just wait and see and we can not participate in a deeply of her or his internal rel life condition. Just once in a time, we can be a part of her or his real life.

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