Susi Susanti, Badminton Athlete who is Never Surrender

Susi Susanti, Badminton Athlete who is Never Surrender

If there is a tremendous struggle of our athlete, perhaps the athlete can learn from Susi Susanti. She was born in Tasikmalaya and she was incredible fighter and tirelessly, even amid the onslaught badmintont daughter from China, Susi was still able to win.

At the Olympic Games held in 1992, he managed to beat pebulu South Korea, Bang Soo Hyun, once won the gold medal with his girlfriend who is now my dear husband Alan Budikusuma. A memory of that year clearly shows that Indonesia superior at the time. Imagine, single sons and daughters that we penetrate these difficult times, when it could instead be juxtaposed medal.

The lesson should be learned from hers is a mental game. Small physical size, but the fighter and hard worker in the field were able to beat the assumption that physical exercise should be tall as a kriteria. It reflects that a tottalone can do everything to beat enemies. Though the average body’s size like Barcelona players in football, but that is no reasen to be lost by competitor. Someone able to carve a lot of victories in many engineering capability Susi in all tournaments. The tournament has indeed adequate, but everyone on the field he is not the athlete who lost before the game. We certainly respect because of it.

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